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Preview of my work

I'm Cheng Tai, 25 years old, and I was born in Tuashan, a little village in China. I left my village to study in Australia. But I had to work hard to pay the studies so I can get a better life.
The relationship with products and why they exist took me to study in UARTS – The University of Arts, Philadelphia, where I got my master degree in product design.
In the present i'm preparing a few projects to announce in an exhibition in New York in 2015.

Why the orange color?

I love mandarines! It’s a small citrus fruit and I love the color and the history behind it. It reminds me of my father, my childhood and my country.

During Chinese New Year, mandarines are considered a traditional symbol of abundance and good fortune. During the celebration, the mandarines are frequently displayed as decoration and offer as gift to friends, family and the choosen one. That’s why I use the orange color in my products… it’s a gift and a tribute to my land.

A set of columns and lights all in one.
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